Kodari Jets

Kodari Jets specializes in the negotiation and acquisition of new and pre-owned aircrafts. We offer a complete range of aircraft brokerage services to assist individuals and companies in buying and selling of their aircrafts. We provide consultation services, pre purchase evaluation, contract negotiation, customization/outfitting and pre & post acquisition support. We are an expert in the field and have an extensive industry insider network. In the past we have consulted some of the world's most well known global leaders as well as high profile individual's.

Negotiating an aircraft is an art and from our vast experience in the field we know all the techniques to acquire the right aircraft at the right price. We have access to privileged information for our clients that ensures a large aircraft selection at a competitive price.

We provide our clients with pre-purchase inspection strategies, negotiation on warranty terms and conditions as well as advice on contract related documents. Kodari Jets also offers extensive advice on vendor negotiations, hanger, insurance, fuel contracts and flight department policy/procedures for our clients' worldwide. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the importing and exporting of aircrafts worldwide. Every countries aviation authority has its own rules and regulations, we work closely with each countries aviation authority to ensure that the procedure is done correctly. If you are buying or selling an aircraft you will benefit greatly from the world wide relationships that we have built. An aircraft transaction is extremely involved and highly technical, it is very important to have an experienced professional to coordinate all phases of the transaction.