Kodari Jets

Business Aviation

The need for air travel is growing across the world, in the United States alone there was an increase from 465 million annual domestic passengers in 1990 to 750 million passengers in 2008. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by the year 2021 over 1 billion passengers will fly in the United States alone, 40 percent being business travellers. Interestingly in 2008 more than 26 percent of all non-private airline flights were delayed, diverted or cancelled according to the United States Department of Transportation Statistics. There are many medium to large sized businesses today that use business aviation company personnel are more secure in travel and in constant communication. Many companies would like to ensure that their personnel are able to maintain flexible schedules with transport that is reliable.

A very interesting study conducted by National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the General Aviation Manufacturers Aviation (GAMA) was done to investigate whether business aircrafts contribute to better financial performance and higher shareholder value. From the Standard & Poor’s 500 companies studied between 2003 and 2009, users of business aircrafts outnumbered the non-users three to one. The study highlights that companies found ways to use this unique asset to increase revenue, profitability and efficiency by a wide margin over non users. Interestingly these businesses had a dominant presence and on average 92% were amongst the most innovative, admired best brands and best places to work as well as dominating the list of companies strongest in corporate governance and responsibility.

Michael Kodari says "An investment made on a business jet saves our clients money, builds value and gives them privacy. Some of our clients also tend to travel to locations where there is little or no airline service with missions that might include multiple stops. They can make those trips involving stops at several locations on the same day saving them time, increasing productivity, privacy, security, safety and reducing travel expenses." In an interview with Warren Buffet an American business Magnate, investor and philanthropist he quoted “Berkshire has been better off by having me in a plane available to go and do deals.”