Kodari Jets

Market Report

Over the past two years following the recession we have seen the industry suffer and prices have dropped between 30-60% on business Jets. Some of the hardest hit are the mid to large jet categories. The current economic climate has caused a great shift in supply and demand and as a result we are witnessing record levels in the number of aircrafts for sale. Another factor which has had a major impact is the reluctance of aviation finance companies to lend funds, even more the scarcity of funds has also been an issue for aviation finance companies themselves. Looking at the market situation towards the end of this year it is highly likely to bottom out and the inventory levels will start stabilizing. At the moment the market is full of opportunities for investors. There are many mid to large sized jets today that are trading well below their value which provide smart buyers with the opportunity to gain the most out of their investment. There is no doubt that within the next 3-5 years the market will be in a far different position. The current market turmoil has provided once in a lifetime opportunity for serious investors.